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From the first load to today's, there has never been a reason to worry the job wouldn't be done on time and on budget. Even mid-shipment changes to return a container to the Montreal port instead of Toronto went so smoothly it was almost as if they knew before hand!

Shawn Rourke-Frew
JNS Transport

Low Risk has been a “niche” player in our operations and a valued partner in our success! Low Risk's continual “on site” presence and full understanding of our delivery needs leaves us with great peace of mind and confidence that we will make our commitments to our customers.

Stephen Morrison
Inbound Supervisor, Mattel Canada Inc.

Low Risk provides a hands on personal service that I have never before experienced in my 23 years in warehousing & distribution. They are very much a member of the Mattel Canada team and have worked hard to earn the respect of all our staff.

On virtually every occasion, Low Risk has been able to provide solutions to our transportation needs, i.e. high volume rush last minute deliveries, empty trailers, shunt drivers, after hours work, etc. Low Risk management and staff are always helpful, easygoing and willing to go the extra mile to satisfy. Taking into account both service and rates, Low Risk sets a standard other transport companies seldom match.

It has been a pleasure working with them.

Archie McMillan, Mattel Canada Inc.

On time, dedicated,constant professionalism, and a pleasure to work with.

Sean Williams, The Bargain Shop

It's a great pleasure to work with a reliable and courteous Service.

Ali Senior, D.O.T Patio & Home

Fabulous! You make my job so much easier and its good to work with someone who is so dependable!

Cheryl Thompson, Mantoria Inc.

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